The art of prescription compounding involves designing specific drug formulations tailored to individual patients and their therapeutic needs. Compounding combines various ingredients to create a finished drug product that uniquely targets a patient’s clinical symptoms/condition.


 Examples of drug therapy requiring compounding :

  • Patient-specific dosages NOT commercially available.
  • Altering a drug formulation to facilitate patient compliance with therapy, e.g., changing dosage form.
  • Providing unique condition-specific drug therapies NOT commercially available.
  • Drug products NOT commercially available.
Valley Integrative Pharmacy (VIP) offers complete compounding services for our patients and their pets. We specialize in transdermal formulations (creams, gels, lotions) and oral suspensions, utilizing a state-of-the-art mixing device that ensures dose uniformity and ease of use. Our compounding expertise includes the ability to formulate unique drug products which target our patients’ specific prescription requirements. We consult with your physician or veterinarian to design a prescription product that addresses your needs. We complete this process in a timely manner so you can begin your therapy as soon as possible.