ZRT Adrenal Stress Test Kit

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Who Can Benefit from the Adrenal Stress test?

Patients who exhibit low daily energy levels or suffer from chronic exhaustion and/or depression are candidates to assess their adrenal gland function.   Chronic exposure to daily high workloads, extremely stressful living conditions or traumatic events can have significant effect on adrenal function and can contribute to adrenal fatigue.

What hormones are measured?

The ZRT Adenal Stress test measures:

  • Cortisol (4 point)

After purchasing this test kit, you will be contacted by one of our practitioners to get some additional information required by ZRT labs (date of birth, etc).

Included with the purchase of a ZRT hormone test kit is a complimentary consultation with one of our practitioners to review the results with you after they have been returned from ZRT labs.


If you have questions about whether the Adrenal Stress test is right for you, please contact our practitioners at 908-658-4900 option 3.


Saliva testing has long been used as an accurate and reliable method for measuring cortisol because it’s simple and non-invasive, and patients can collect these samples multiple times per day. It’s easy to assess DHEA in these samples too.

A newer method that’s just as reliable as saliva testing has also been gaining ground – dried urine testing. Studies show that urine is just as effective for measuring cortisol and DHEA levels, and it’s also simple enough for patients to collect multiple times per day.

Due to the nature of the sample collection, there are some difference between saliva and urine testing for diurnal cortisol.

The added benefit to dried urine testing is that epinephrine and norepinephrine can be measured at the same time, so patients who want a complete adrenal assessment can now get all four key markers together.

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