Band-Aid Brand Bandages with Neosporin Antibiotic, Assorted Sizes

SKU: 38137005570

Size: 20 Count
Sale price$7.49


Introducing a pack of 20 sterile bandages in assorted sizes - the Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Infection Defense with Neosporin. These remarkable bandages come with the added benefit of antibiotic ointment applied directly on the pad, ensuring a no-mess infection protection experience. Their innovative design includes a 4-sided seal, effectively safeguarding against dirt and germs that could potentially lead to infections and hinder the healing process. The Hurt-Free Pad of these bandages is designed to avoid sticking to wounds, enabling gentle removal of the adhesive bandage without causing further discomfort.

These bandages are ideal for the first aid treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Simply apply them to clean, dry skin and replace as needed. With their Neosporin-infused pad and reliable 4-sided seal, they offer exceptional protection against infections. The Hurt-Free Pad ensures painless removal, making the healing process more comfortable.

This package contains 20 antibiotic bandages in assorted sizes, catering to various wound sizes and locations. Whether you need them for your breakroom or supply closet, these bandages are an essential item to have on hand for any minor injuries that may occur.

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