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What is Sea Buckthorn Force?

Replenish your body with plant-sourced essential fatty acids from Sea Buckthorn Force. Beneficial oils are known to help sustain and protect health, and many people add Omega-3s, 6s & 9s to their routine by taking a whole fish oil or eating a varied diet. But you may be missing one critical Omega fatty acid: Omega-7.  Sea Buckthorn Force delivers this good fat from pure Hippophae rhamnoides in just one capsule daily. Our whole-food approach to Sea Buckthorn is Non-GMO Project Verified and 100% vegetarian with no sugar added.


Why is Sea Buckthorn so special?

Sea Buckthorn is a hardy shrub able to survive in extreme environments where other plants can’t. It has been used medicinally for centuries and discussed in health texts going back to Ancient Greece and Tibet. Modern research confirms its many applications for human health.

New Chapter’s pure Sea Buckthorn delivers supercritical extracts that deliver the fruit’s essential oils, including beneficial Omega-7's palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid. Complementary Calendula and Rosemary extracts are added for synergistic support.

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