PureDefense Chewables

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Size: 120 chewable tablets
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PureDefense chewables provides immune support in a chewable tablet. It offers a comprehensive blend of nutrients and herbal extracts for overall immune and upper respiratory health support.

This formula offers EpiCor® dried yeast fermentate, which helps both the innate and adaptive immune responses, and research suggests that EpiCor® enhances immune cell function. It also includes elderberry extract, flavonoids and other antioxidants that have been shown to support immune function. Quercetin was included in this formula to maintain healthy mast cell function, while zinc and vitamin C help to promote immune defense by supporting immune cell proliferation, activation and function, as well as healthy antioxidant enzyme function.

Provides overall immune defense and upper respiratory support in a great-tasting, chewable tablet‡

  • Daily immune defense and respiratory health‡
  • Supports immune cell activation and function‡
  • Chewable tablet for convenience
  • Consists of nutrients and herbal extracts including elderberry

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