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OTC brand (model 2418) pullover elastic wrist gauntlet. Medium duty, controlled stretch elastic support. Indicated for strains and mild sprains; weakness due to a previous injury or to help prevent discomfort due to repetitive motion or overexertion.

Use For: Carpal tunnel syndrome, mild sprains and strains, joint weakness due to previous injury or overexertion

  • Provides firm support over soft tissues of the wrist area, without limiting hand function. Encircles the wrist like a bandage but without the bulk.
  • Durable, high-quality elastic sleeve absorbs perspiration for all-day wearing comfort. Cotton-rayon blend fabric helps improve circulation to promote healing.
  • The thumbhole maintains support in the correct position.
  • Reversible fit for right or left hand. Easy to apply as well as remove
  • Measure around the break of the wrist. Available Sizes: Small (5.5-6.5 Inches), Medium (6.5-7.5 Inches), Large (7.5-8.5 Inches), and X-Large (8.5-9.5 Inches).

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