Advanced CandiPro

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Size: 14-day program
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Targeted Yeast Cleanse - 14-day, 2-part system


  • helps maintain balance of intestinal yeast
  • supports a healthy urinary tract
  • unique blend with uva ursi, undecenoic acid & berberine

Advanced CandiPro is a 14 day, 2-part cleanse formulated to maintain a healthy balance intestinal yeast

Advanced CandiPro part 1 contains concentrated herbal extracts along with undecenoic acid and berberine, historically used to maintain a healthy balance of yeast within the intestinal tract.

Advanced CandiPro part 2 formula contains a potent herbal extract blend which includes thyme, pau d’arco and oregano. Part 2 of Advanced CandiPro is a liquid tincture designed to enter your body quickly, working in combination with the concentrated capsule of part 1.

Contains NO: GMOs, yeast, wheat, gluten, psyllium, soy, dairy, salt, sugar, animal products or artificial ingredients.

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