Advanced ParaPro

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Size: 14-day program
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Targeted Microbial Cleanse - 14- Day, 2-Part System


  • Promotes healthy balance of intestinal microorganisms.
  • Great for travelers
  • Potent blend of black walnut & wormwood

Advanced ParaPro is a 14 day, 2-part cleanse formulated to promote a healthy balance of intestinal organisms.

Advanced ParaPro Part 1 Formula contains a concentrated herbal blend which includes Black Walnut, Pumpkin Seed, Wormwood, and Black Cumin Seed, historically used to help your body rid itself of unwanted microorganisms.

Advanced ParaPro Part 2 Formula contains a potent herbal extract blend which includes Black Walnut, Thyme and Wormwood.  Part 2 of Advanced ParaPro is a liquid tincture designed to enter your body quickly, working in combination with the concentrated capsule of Part 1.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Black Walnut)

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