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FLORA DOG™ 20 Billion Daily Probiotic BENEFITS

Delicious Chewable Tablets or Soft Chews

Flora Dog 20 billion Probiotic Soft Chews deliver a powerful, high-potency probiotic boost to your best friend's diet. Flora Dog is specially formulated for dogs of all breeds and promotes immunity and proper digestion. High-potency probiotics can help your dog achieve and maintain overall health as well as promote good digestion and immunity.

Our advanced care chewable tablet has been used repeatedly for palatability in veterinarian clinics to ensure a high level of acceptance from all breeds. Tablets can be fed to your dog whole or gently crushed and added to your dog's food.

  • Natural Pet Care Experts
  • 10 Raw Strains
  • Complete Support for Immunity and Digestion
  • 20 Billion Live Cultures per Tablet
  • Powered by Prebiotics
  • Promotes Immunity & Proper Digestion
  • High Potency Probiotic for All Dogs

20 Billion Live Cultures†

Contains 20 Billion live probiotic cultures in each capsule to help maintain your dog's immunity. When comparing probiotic options for your companion be sure to look closely at the number of live cultures in each serving.

10 Unique Strains

Your dog has many unique probiotic strains in their digestive tract. Flora Dog™ 20 Billion Daily Probiotic combines 10 specific probiotic strains to more closely match your dog's digestive system and to provide maximum diversity.

Powered by Prebiotics

Prebiotics boost natural gut bacteria and help support healthy bacterial growth in the digestive tract.

When it comes to probiotics, potency matters!

Many products on the market contain as little as 100 million cultures per serving, with as few as one single strain. Flora Dog™ 20 Billion Daily Probiotic is an extra-strength formula containing 20 billion live cultures and 10 unique probiotic strains in each tablet!




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