Whey Factors® Grass Fed Whey Protein

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Size: Double Chocolate, 12 Ounces
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Whey Factors is a pure source of high quality whey protein that provides support for muscle development and repair, as well as the immune system.*

• Whey Factors is the best tasting and highest quality whey protein
• Highly efficient, undenatured, microfiltered and ultrafiltered whey from grass-fed cows – free of rBGH, BSE, and GMOs
• Contains a minimum 3 g glutamic acid and 4 g branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) per serving
• Provides beneficial whey protein microfractions including immunoglobulin and lactoferrin
• Naturally sweetened and flavored – no artificial sweeteners, i.e. no aspartame, sucralose, or acesulfame K
• 1 g carbohydrates per serving
• Mixes instantly and available in these delicious flavors: Unflavored, Strawberry, and French Vanilla

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