ZRT Heavy Metals & Essential Elements

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Who Can Benefit from the Heavy Metals & Essential Elements test?

Getting too much, and sometimes too little, of various elements has consequences for our overall health.

The Heavy Metals and Essential Elements test is ideal for women or men who:

  • Smokes
  • Has exposure to private well water or aging pipes
  • Is concerned about heavy metals in foods like vegetables, rice and seafood
  • Has mercury dental work
  • Lives in an older home or near an industrial area
  • Has thyroid-related health issues

 ZRT's heavy metals and essential elements testing provides the most accurate test results. Using ICP-MS, the gold standard for element analysis, allows for high specificity and sensitivity into the parts-per-trillion.


If you have questions about whether the Heavy Metals & Essential Elements test is right for you, please contact our practitioners at 908-658-4900 option 3.

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